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Ezy Talk opens in United Kingdom

Ezy Talk is pleased to announce the opening of their United Kingdom based business.


At Ezy Talk, we know the difference between an average on hold message and one of our productions is in the detail, that's why we use only the best creative writers, most talented voice-over artists and sound production gurus. We never deliver a message that you're not completely happy with. From the word go, we make the process of getting your unique messages on hold easy and effective, that's our promise.

We've created message solutions for every type of company you can think of, from Accountants to Doctors. From small offices to ASX listed multinationals. Whether you're in Melbourne, Sydney or London, EzyTalk can help your business grow by turning callers into customers.

EzyTalk's messages have helped create the ultimate first impressions for 1000+ customers. All this while educating and up-selling their products and services to thousands of their customers.


EzyTalk started as a television and video production company (Prestige Television) that was commissioned back in 1995 to produce television commercials for Channel Ten.

Our Producer/Director, Alan Reeves, already had broadcast television experience totalling over 20 years. Some of our television clients have included Coles Myer Ltd, Paramount Pictures, Seven Network Australia and Nine Network Australia.

We started consulting to small business in the areas of media, promotion and advertising. By finding solutions to the problems that face many small businesses, we found a niche market that required our services.

Our association with NCH Swiftsound led to the design of the Ezy-Talk Message On Hold and Announcement Player PC software.


Our diverse business knowledge allows us to consult to small and medium businesses who don't have a dedicated marketing department in addition to working with large national corporations.

EzyTalk has a presence in Australia and United Kingdom.

EzyTalk is dedicated to serving our clients with integrity and honesty…. Finding solutions when others can't and making our clients stand out from the crowd…… that's the success you'll achieve when you engage our services.

Alan Reeves
EzyTalk Messages-On-Hold
Brisbane, Australia
Reading, United Kingdom