facts and features

  • Perfect for Shops, Shopping Centres or anywhere public announcements are required
  • Easily play adverts/ announcements at regular or fixed intervals based on day, date and time
  • Fade and mix with your current source of music (satellite music, CD, etc)
  • Professional voice-overs that grab customers attenton
  • No need for spruikers
  • Award Winning Software

ZD Award

  • Announcement updates (voices) sent to you via the Internet
  • Date and time announcement validity checking
  • Simple, user friendly operation for use on a day-to-day basis
  • Autoplay: fixed time, fixed interval or sequence play

Retail First CB Richard Ellis

RetailFirst and CB Richard Ellis manage many shopping centres Australia wide. Major Brisbane shopping centre managers say IAP is superior to any other system.

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intelligent announcement player

The Ezy Talk Intelligent Announcement Player IAP will play public address announcements using a Windows computer with a sound card. You can continue to use your computer for other tasks while the IAP runs in the background.

The IAP is the most advanced in-business announcement system available today. By using affordable computer technology, the IAP is also the most cost effective way to play announcements.

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Screen shots

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IAP Main Window Ezy Talk IAP Announcement Player  
IAP Main Window IAP Announcement Control  
IAP Load Announcements Screen Ezy Talk IAP Announcement Player  
IAP Load Announcements IAP Settings