Telephone Message On Hold by EzyTalk

Message On Hold by EzyTalk, The World’s Most Advanced System

Message On Hold, The Facts:

  • 70% of business callers are placed on hold

  • The average on hold time is 43 seconds

  • 90% of new callers hang up after 40 seconds without on-hold messages

  • Callers stay on hold 3 times longer because of on hold messages

  • Placing 10 callers on-hold every hour gives you 32,400 opportunities per year to promote your business to those who have already phoned you

  • Messages On Hold reduce caller hang-ups

  • You control what Callers hear while on hold. EzyTalk Messages-On-Hold will lift your business image…. Guaranteed!

We have a “no hard sell” approach…. If you want to sound more professional on the telephone…. Explain your products or services while your callers are on hold…. Then we’re here to help.

We write great scripts, have professional voice talent and we know marketing and advertising.

We’d love the opportunity to chat with you and happy to visit your business for a demonstration – just give us a call!