Messages On Hold

  • The concept of messages-on-hold was introduced to the Australian market in the mid 1980’s

  • Messages-on-hold typically feature a blend of music and voice-over promotion. They are designed to keep waiting callers entertained and informed

  • Almost all modern day telephone PBX systems feature an “on hold” message/music facility. Also suitable for single line operation with a voice modem, or IP telephone systems.


EzyTalk Product Features

  • Good Morning/Afternoon greetings

  • Never breaks down

  • Royalty free music

  • Professional voice-over talent

  • Regular message & music updates

  • Set and forget – easy to use

  • Real time mixing of messages and music to create an endless presentation

  • Messages scheduling – you choose the days, dates, times

  • Digital quality audio

  • Almost unlimited message and music capacity

    ZD Net’s Editors’ Pick
  • State-of-the-art ‘fuzzy logic’ formula achieves the optimal message rotation rate

  • Direct user control over messages and scheduling right from your computer

  • Software used in conjunction with professionally recorded messages

  • Updates available via Internet or email.